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One of the greatest challenges a person can face in life is to stand accused of committing a criminal offense. Even what might be considered a minor offense can carry much fear and uncertainty, with potentially devastating consequences to you and your loved ones. With so much at stake, it is critical that you choose an attorney with the training and experience to stand up for your rights and seek the very best outcome for you. While you may feel alone and overwhelmed, you need not face this alone. For over 20 years I have successfully represented defendants facing all types of misdemeanor, felony, OWI/DUI and juvenile charges in Dearborn, Ohio, Ripley and Switzerland Counties in Southeast Indiana.
Scales of Justice — Attorney in Lawrenceburg, IN
My practice is devoted exclusively to criminal law. That is why I have earned a reputation as a top criminal lawyer in this area – because criminal defense is all I do. The law is a vast field and criminal law in particular is an ever-evolving area. By choosing an attorney whose only focus is on this area of law, you are choosing someone whose skills are laser focused on the issues that have brought you to this website.

The State of Indiana is tough on crime, and nowhere is that more true than in the suburban and rural counties of Southeast Indiana. Being prosecuted here can be quite intimidating. These prosecutors are formidable opponents, with virtually unlimited resources at their disposal. I understand the criminal justice system in Southeast Indiana, having represented literally thousands of clients here during my two decades long career. I work hard to level the playing field to ensure that my clients' rights are protected. I am very familiar with the local judges, prosecutors, probation officers and court personnel. Knowing what to expect from judges and prosecutors in your case can mean a world of difference to the final outcome.

After an arrest, you may have several appearances and hearings to face. It is in your best interest to retain the services of an attorney as early as possible to assist you during these procedural steps. Often as a result of careful analysis, preparation, and advocacy, matters can be resolved on favorable terms and without the need for a full-blown jury trial. That could mean negotiating with prosecutors to get pretrial diversion, full or partial dismissal, favorable negotiated plea terms, or vigorously making challenges to the constitutionality, veracity or sufficiency of the State's evidence. I take an aggressive, proactive approach and look for every option to get clients the best possible outcome for them.

I never pass judgment on a client and treat all with professionalism, respect and compassion. Your charge does not define who you are. Sometimes people are wrongly charged or overcharged. Other times good people have made a careless mistake or decision they desperately wish they could take back. I am here to help fix the problem and get their lives back on track. My mission is to help those faced with losing their liberty or livelihood through this trying ordeal – and it is a job I take very seriously. I am committed to making sure that the prosecutor and judge hear the whole story of your case – not just the version that the other side wants to present.


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If you want honest, straightforward answers and sound, dedicated representation, I would be glad to sit down with you for a confidential review of your case, without cost or obligation. Call my office at (812) 537-0905. I will answer all of the questions you have, and let you know how I can put my extensive experience as a defense attorney in Southeast Indiana to work for you.