I represent clients with regard to all State Misdemeanor and Felony offenses in Dearborn and Ohio County, Indiana. While the variety of criminal offenses in Indiana is too voluminous to list here, most offenses fall into the following categories
• Drug and Controlled Substance Offenses, including
Possession, Delivery and Manufacture.

• Operating While Intoxicated
inside courtroom
• Offense Against Persons, including Battery, Intimidation, Invasion of Privacy, Criminal Confinement and offenses alleging sexual misconduct.

• Offenses Against Public Order, including Theft, Criminal Mischief, Forgery, Fraud, Check Deception and business or "white collar' crimes.

• Offenses Against Public Order, including Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Law Enforcement and Public Intoxication.

Probation Violations and Juvenile Delinquency matters.

If you have any questions about whether I am right to represent you in a particular matter, I would be glad to discuss this with you. It is important that you feel welcome to discuss you case without obligation, and that you find an attorney you are comfortable with and feel you can trust.