Criminal Defense Representation in Lawrenceburg, Indiana

Male Attorney and a Gavel — Attorney in Lawrenceburg, IN
I am committed to helping ordinary people who have been caught up in the criminal justice system and take great care to price my services fairly and within reach of working men and women. Most all of my fees constitute one set flat fee that covers all services, including client meetings, Court hearings, drafting of pleadings and motions, legal research, conferences and negotiations with the Prosecutor, preparation and conduct of depositions, correspondences, telephone calls and e-mails – either through the entire pretrial phase, or through and including actual trial preparation and trial.

The legal fees I set are based upon a number of factors tailored to your case, including the projected time and effort that will be involved, the nature and level of the offenses, the novelty and complexity of the issues presented, expected pretrial evidentiary and discovery issues, and the expected duration of a potential trial.
I will review my fees with you in detail, and in advance, with no surprises or hidden charges. I will take the time to explain to you in very clear and fair terms what the terms of representation would be in your case so that you have a clear understanding, up front, of the legal services I will provide and the precise cost involved. If needed, I will also work with you on a payment plan to help you secure the dedicated legal counsel you need.

I would be happy to schedule an appointment with you for confidential review of your case, without cost or obligation. Call my office at (812) 537-0905.